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IPAD PRO 12 - Cannot use Webflow?

New into Webflow. I love your tools… but with an IPAD it’s a nightmare.
I don’t have desktop, only IPAD.
I do everything with it. But not on webflow.

Copy-Paste function is impossible.
So I can’t even copy and paste my own block…
How can I work with template, without copy-pasting?
Do you have a tips to help ?

Best regards.

Since using the designer is not supported on an iPad you would need to find an alternative platform.

Whaouuu really?
I’m using Ipad for Shopify, wordpress, squarespace, everything in fact… It’s really strange.
My screen is bigger than my old mac book air, I’m suing a keyboard and a mousse… so I don’t anderstand why it’s different than a desktop…

The touch interface is the issue.

Thanks for your reply.
I was really in love in webflow. But if I can’t, copy paste, I will lost to much time…
Hope they will find a solution

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