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Inviting temporary developers (best practice?)

Hey, I have some issue here:

My client usually shares their credentials with me so I can do improvements once in a while. But now, I require another freelancer to help me with something there.

Obviously I don’t want my client to have to create a team account for this one little instance, especially because – as I understand – he’d have to cancel and buy hosting again.

So I thought about duplicating the website and sending it to the developer. Of course when I get it back, I can’t copy/paste everything back in, because it’ll involve CMS collections.

As I see right now, I will have to recreate all of that work manually, right? Or is there another way?

… anybody? … I mean, is it really like that? :weary:

I REALLY wish there were more options for adding people. I don’t understand why there isn’t. I’m following to see if there are any responses.

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@Tobi_Huber all of the community experts volunteer their time here on the forum. It can take 24hours or so before you get a reply. Not always but sometimes, yes :slight_smile: . Anyway, have you considered using a password service like lastpass? There are others of course. What they do is allow clients to share an account without having to share their log-in information. Take a look at those services, that’s often the best way to work with a client anyway.

There is a solution. It is called a team account. You can add a team member, then remove them later.

Thanks @sarahfrison and @webdev.

So, Sarah, do you suggest that I should share my customer’s website’s admin password with some developer? I don’t see that as a solution.

And about the team account (which I already mentioned in my own question): In theory, yes. But in reality the implementation is bad:
I (actually my customer) would have to setup (and pay) for new hosting. Apart from that, the team account is crazy expensive. So that’s not a solution either.

@Tobi_Huber no, that’s not what I said. I said, look at a product such as 1password, I’ve used these services before when hiring someone. You don’t have access to the other person’s password but you can use their account. It’s been a couple of years since I did that so it’s worth checking the availability and cost of the service but back then it worked smoothly.

Unless you use a team account, you would have to share the current password with someone to log in and perform work as you. 1Password, or any other password manager, would help with the creation of complex passwords, that’s all. Understand that If I give a developer my current password, the developer is now in control of my account, and I can’t stop them from any nefarious activity since they are logging in as me. If the developer changed my password in Webflow, then I am locked out, period. Note: I am talking about the Designer, NOT the editor accounts.

Since Webflow makes money on Team Accounts, I suspect they are in no hurry to create a free alternative to work around this issue. Role-based access control would be excellent. With RBAC (without a team account), you would be able to create an account, assign it roles for access, and disable when done. At their current price point would be huge. It just does not exist as it sits now. In Wordpress, you have ways to do this.

So as I said before, use a team account. That is what is currently provided, like it or not. The future might be different.

@webdev hmm, I’ve used those services before to be able to access a shared account. Do they not offer that anymore? :thinking:

@sarahfrison Those service like 1Password (we actually use this in my company) of course let you share login, but I’m afraid you’re missing the point. If I share that login, the other person can do whatever including deleting my (client’s) website, using it for malicious things, change passwords, etc. like @webdev mentioned. So suggesting that is just dangerous, if the recipient of this suggestion is not so tech savvy.

@webdev thanks, so no news there. That’s a shame, because – money aside – the team account is super uncomfortable to use. I really don’t get why Webflow ever went that way.

@Tobi_Huber ah, I see. Yes, I missed that you weren’t interested in that from a security POV. I guess I don’t work with people who I’d suspect would do that sort of a thing. Then again, we’re not all that trusting :slight_smile: .

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