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How to protect projects in your account?

Hey guys,

I do designs for my clients and now I would like to hire a coder to fix several things on my portfolio website. However I have a lot of projects inside, so I was thinking on how to protect them from someone who would log in to my account?

I really wish that Webflow allowed an option to set a password on a folder that contains your projects. This way you could transfer all the projects in one folder and close it from anyone’s access.

But until such feature exists, are there ways that you use in cases like mine?

Thank you

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@meetingingorkipark - Webflow really only supports using Team Accounts for this. You move a project into your team account and then other team members can access projects in the team. You can’t collaborate real-time but you can independently make changes. There is not granular access control at this time. Also you can’t move a project with active hosting without canceling the hosting plan and adding it to the team project (it’s an issue for sure).

The alternative would be to clone your site, transfer it to the developer, leave your copy alone, have them transfer the updated site back to you, then swap your hosting to this new project. So much for easy.

There was a recent community call where a very brief discussion on improvements on this process that are in the pipeline. How far? No fixed timeline was given and details that were supposed to be shared haven’t.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the answer. I thought about that but that’s not a perfect solution, and we all understand why.

I think the option of placing a password on a folder with projects would solve many concerns.

One thing is to collaborate with a real team for long term projects, another thing is to pay 70$ to make sure not to expose your projects to someone who logins into your account just once. Not everyone can afford paying this, and it simply creates the feeling of the lack of security in the eyes of Webflow users.

I believe that most of the regular clients of the designers who use Webflow still don’t purchase a Team plan just to let a designer to login to the account and they just share their credentials. That’s because they usually have a single project inside and a general lack of experience in web building.

But how about designers who pay for the Pro plan to be able to store as many projects as possible and then they still have to be in fear of exposing their projects to a one-off visitor (normally a coder) who they don’t know and just hire online.

Even the name of the option of the “Team” plan doesn’t sound correct for such cases, since many of us don’t have a team, and we’d want someone to login to the account just once. So why would we need a ‘Team’ plan?

I believe that bigger businesses and enterprises who really do need a team plan would get this plan anyway and the ability to place a password on a folder wouldn’t make them want the team plan less, since this feature wouldn’t change anything for those who really need this plan.

Hopefully Webflow would work on that and the solution can be found asap.

Thank you.