Interactions - unable to change second action without resetting first action

I have a page of list content outputted by filtered collections and managed by a sidebar menu.
By selecting a menu item from the sidebar I want the Interactions to carry out two actions:
1 = hide all of the groups as the first action (by class = all groups are wrapped in a div called wrap-list)
2 = show a single group using Selected Element

Quite simple, but for some reason it is not working. I am unable to adjust the second action to Selected Element. If I change it from Class to Selected Element it then resets the first action to Selected Element. If I change the first to Class it then changes the second action to Class. Please see the attached.

I’m pretty familiar with Interactions and have had this sort of Interaction working fine before. Is there a bug?

Anybody see what’s going on?


Ok, I’ve managed to get something working. Seems that the wrapping divs classed ‘wrap-list’ needed a bit more to work with for the Selected Element action to work.

I’ve had to add a unique class per item so as to isolate the item when using the Selected Element action and have created an empty dummy div called ‘wrap-list’ to use as the ‘target’ class to hide all groups first. Seems to be working.

Still be nice if some more experienced Webflow expert could take a look at what I’ve done to see if I could have done things better.

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