Can't Apply Action to Two Different Elements

Goal: Button is clicked: hide element A, reduce opacity of element B
Problem: Webflow will not allow me to apply action to two different elements. When I try to change the action target it changes the target on both. I am very much selecting the other element and then clicking the “+” button, but it applies the action to the element that’s already there instead.

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Because your two actions target the same element or elements with the same class (or first class of a combo). That’s expected.

Knowing this, you should find a way, by structure or class naming, to make your interaction work anyway.

Hi Vincent. THIS is the bug. You can’t see it in the gif, but I am trying to click on two different elements altogether (different classes). When I add the second element (with the different class) it changes the target (“affected” element) to that of the existing element and completely ignores what I clicked. Screenshot gif here.