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Image Thumbnail Show/Hide Interaction


I’m having some trouble figuring out what I did wrong when it comes to the interactions I set on my image thumbnails and the product images. I was able to successfully get the second image to hide when on the first image thumbnail, and then the first image to hide and show the second image when clicking on the second image thumbnail. However, when I go back to click on the first image thumbnail in which it should hide the second image and display the first, both become hidden.

I’m pretty sure I just need to set the first thumbnail’s interaction to show the first image again, but for some reason when I try to hide the class or element of the second image it won’t let me create a separate trigger for the class/element of the first image to show it. If I change the element or class of one of the actions, the other changes as well. But I need one of them to be the other element.

Thanks a lot for any help / feedback.

NOTE*: to be able to experience the interaction, after clicking on the read-only link you have to go out of view mode and then back in.

Here is my public share link: [LINK][1]