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Element animations don't show

Hey everyone !

I’m currently working on the remodeling of a website. I have created a new page based on the model of the other ones and I’ve used all the elements that the old designer used. So basically, it’s the same page as the others.
BUT, I can’t get the element animations to work.

Let me explain : I have effects animations on the right side on certain elements. The goal for them is to move on hover or on click (as for the navbar). But even if they have those effects they don’t animate. And I’ve looked over the settings and there are no trigger animations. Same for page animations, elements are supposed to move when page is loading but it only affects the old pages.

See the effects on the right side

You can go look on my preview link : Webflow - Olivia's First Project

Thanks for your help ! :upside_down_face:

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