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Interactions duplicating when applied to symbols


I am working on my site at the moment and when I have been creating symbols with interactions attached, I find bringing them into other pages creates duplicates of the interaction when I unlink the symbols I believe. This ends up flooding my interactions list and since I cant delete multiple items at once I have to go through removing them over and over as I make changes.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong or how to avoid this.

(I am currently working on my menu interactions)

Here is my public share link: LINK

@Maydris when using Symbols for applying duplicate items across multiple pages, you do not need to unlink them, unless you need to change something specific about them within each new page.

Symbols are used to take what you created on one page and duplicate it to another page. I would not use a Symbol if you plan on making changes to it on each page. Just copy what you have created from one page to another, this way you will be able to make your page side changes.

If this doesn’t help, please advise on why you need to unlink the symbol in the first place?


@WebDev_Brandon the symbol is unlinked to allow me to change the words in the page nav section of my menu (in this case).
I’m guessing based on what you recommend I should just copy paste the menu between pages as opposed to making them symbols to avoid the issue. Is that correct?

I only have 7 total pages, so it certainly wouldn’t be to inconvenient.

Yes since you it sounds like you are changing the words. However, why are you needing to change the words?

I like your slide out menu, I would keep using that instead of the menu options on the left and right. My opinion, it is your site tho. However, if you want to use the side menus, use conditional filtering and place them in a CMS collection, so you can set them without even adjusting your interactions.

Its a round about way of doing it, but it would create a true dynamic menu setting.

This is exactly the problem I faced a few days ago. The way to replicate it is easy - create interaction, apply it to element, include this element in a symbol, unlink symbol, BAM! You have a duplicated interaction. Why would it even do this?


Why is this still the case? I accidentally in experimenting unlinked a massive grid symbol… twice! And, now I have tons of duplicate animations (2 and 3!), and no idea what backup to go back to. Even more strange, for the unlinked symbol, the elements now have both the original AND new duplicated interactions are applied. Makes no sense whatsoever.

Even worse, now the master symbol itself has these duplicate animations applied to to it. Why would unlinking a symbol apply new interactions to the original symbol!

This HAS to be some kind of bug. PLEASE, fix this. Plleeeeeaaaaaassssseeeeeee.

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Same issue here. I’m pretty new to Webflow and have a nav that requires 2 versions – one on a dark background and one on a light background. I was experimenting with different options and after unlinking the original nav symbol a few times I ended up with a ton of duplicated interactions. After deleting all the duplicates I switch all the interaction ‘trigger settings’ to be on the class rather than the element as I thought that might solve the issue but that didn’t help.

I’m curious if there’s a reason for the duplicated interactions or is it a bug?

Have there been any updates on this matter. I just found I’m having the same issue too. Soooo many duplicate interactions in my menu : (

Any news about this problem? I’m having exactly the same issues. By now, the only way to bypass this is to create all the animations on one page and only after create symbols and replicate to new pages.

I am also just running into this uncomfortable behaviour. I was wondering where those pesky animation 2, animation 3 were coming from. It gets tedious pretty quickly to clean up after this mess so, I too second, third, … that this behaviour should be fixed!