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Unlinking Symbol Breaks Animation

Hey guys,

Not sure if I’m alone with this, but I use symbols to copy-paste groups of objects to different pages. I basically grab a div with content, make it a symbol, unlink it, and then use the symbol to drag and drop and unlink it on other pages.

Problem: If I make a div with animations into a symbol and then unlink it, it seems to completely break the animation. The object links in the animation are all intact, but the animation refuses to run. Recreating the same animation solves the problem. It seems that the symbol somehow changes the object links in the animation (without appearing so in the animation panel), but does not revert those changes when released. Note that the animation runs fine when the div is made into a symbol, its just when its unlinked again that it breaks the animation.

Anyone else encountered this problem?

You could try this using trigger targets for your animations instead of your current configuration

Hey, thanks for the reply. I should have been more specific, it’s not that I can’t move on, I found a workaround with classes instead, I just wanted to see if this really was a problem or not. It just seems strange that making a symbol and then immediately unlinking it would be completely broken. Not sure where else I can just report a bug/problem.

Oh I see

Thanks! I’ll be sure to report it there.

Hi, @arondriessen!

Thanks for posting about your Symbol breaking Interactions once the Symbol is unlinked.

I was able to check with our team, and it looks that you’ve come across a bug.

The order that the Interaction and Symbol is created seems to matter for this bug. If the Interaction is added after the Symbol is created, the Interaction will be removed when the Symbol is unlinked.

As a workaround - create the interactions before the Symbol is created, and the Interaction will remain when the Symbol is unlinked.

I completely understand that this workaround is not ideal, and I’d be happy to let you know once the fix is available as soon as I can.

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