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Duplicate Interactions Bug

Hey Webflow team!

I’m finding that all of my interactions are cloning themselves whenever I add a symbol with interactions into a page and unlink the symbol from the symbol. Take a look at the screenshot. I have a “work nav” div at the bottom of our work pages and when I put the work nav on multiple pages, it cloned the original interaction.


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This is an old bug that was never fixed. I’d love Webflow staff to have some kind of solution to this. The duplicated interactions are indeed annoying.


Seriously bro! I apparently maxed out of interactions and couldn’t add anymore. Come to find out there were over 20 duplicates.

Ah yes, something like that happened to me once. I became super-conscious of my interactions since then, using only classes as targets and making sure I absolutely never will have to unlink a symbol, haha

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Yes, @DesignByDre that is something that is still in the works for a fix. Best advice I can offer is if you plan on using an element with IX dont turn it into a symbol. Just copy and paste into pages. This is a workaround fix. It is not ideal but it does work.

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Thanks for the heads up! Noted.

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@DesignByDre @WebDev_Brandon

OK, I wasn’t really satisfied with the “do not use” kind of solution so went to sleep frustrated. Then in the morning I had one of those shower thought and was like “nah, if the solution is that simple everybody would’ve used it” and went to check my sleepy idea.

What do you know, I have a real solution here! In short - do not unlink a symbol, simply enter it and copy everything you need from it (simply put everything in one unstyled div for easier handling) and paste outside. Boom! No duplicates!


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