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Duplicate animations clogging up animation list

I’m not sure why this is happening, but duplicate versions of my animations keep adding to my list.

It quickly became apparent that the list of animations is not designed to accommodate a large number of items - and does not have a search function, so this very quickly becomes a problem.

Since you didn’t provide any read-only link I may just guess that you could’ve used ix inside symbols and then ungrouped these symbols. This results in duplicated interactions. The way to solve this is first remove all the elements with interactions from the symbol (easiest way - put everything inside the symbol into the div, then just drag that div out of the symbol), and only then unlink symbol.

Thanks Dram. Another odd quirk amongst the sea of unexpected behaviours that Webflow appears to have. The learning curve continues to test me :sweat_smile: I’ll see if that was the issue.

Well, I’d definitely consider this a bug.