Interactions are loosing connection to "affect different elements" overnight

I’m preparing a Website with an interaction set with about ten different elements for the menu. This is running fine since days. This morning I’m realizing it’s not working anymore. Means this interaction steps are still working, but not for the different elements anymore, it works for the initiating element, now, what makes no sense.

Every single step lost it’s connection to the different elements overnight.

This is not just annoying, more some kind of shocking, as this site is intended to be our first client site made with Webflow, with a planned launch date of tomorrow.

I’m starting now to fix this, while hoping Webflow is not making jokes with me again. But my trust in Webflow is a little bit damaged, right now.

I hope someone can help to clear this behavior …

Thx in advance

Now I reconnected the affected elements to this interactions. Thanks to the backup function I could see which elements are concerned. A restore was not an option, as I added several content yesterday, which I don’t want to loose.

BUT, In addition to that, all other interactions with “affected different elements” in this project are lost, too.

Still shocked about that …

Maybe best to contact support about this and see whether they can do anything about those interatcions that affect differernt elements. You’ll probably have to wait for an answer until the Webflow team gets to work during their daytime in America.

You can send a request to to restore only the interactions. They did this for me because I also had a lot of modifications since this bug and they helped me well!
You were not the only one. Just pick category Bugs and look for lost interactions.

Thanks for your feedback, and the other thread hint.

Happy about being able to reconnect the affected elements, already. But how long will it keep until the next, whatever ???

I’m a little bit nervous about this, while needing to launch this site, with that interactions.

Same thing here. I’m running a custom built LMS with several interactions. This is costing my company a lot of money in wasted salary. Shocking is the correct reaction. I’v had to spend most of the morning fixing something I didn’t break.

Hi @still.downloading @pupinko we’ve put in place safeguards to make sure this does not occur again, if you still have an issue in any of your sites can you please message me directly or email me at right away and I can push a manual fix for your interactions.

Here is a link to the related issue with more information: Interaction Bug - affecting other elements interactions not showing up

I’ll be looking out for your messages!

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