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Interactions are not reliable during development

Since about two days I’m experiencing several problems with interactions, while developing a new project.

  1. First working interactions, It did some modifications, stopped working. My fault? No, even if I jumped back to the former backup status, they did not work as before.
  2. Building a simple slider, worked some minutes until a further modification, jumping back to the former backup status. Same problem its not working anymore.
  3. Building the same slider again. It works, at least so far.

This feels like if some elements are suddenly infected, somehow.

The pity is, similar things where happening during every Webflow project, we did in the last 4 years. And this is and was happening without any visible reason or warning. One time before, this was solved with a reset from the Webflow team, after very time consuming research from our site. In other cases, since we know about this issue, we solved it by rebuilding existing elements, what was very time consuming.

This time I’m waiting since about 50 hours for feedback. Former support feedbacks did happen at least in 24 hours.

Today we updated the CMS account of the concerned project to Business for some other needs. As this should contain priority support, let’s see, how fast feedback will be.

Did I say, I really love Webflow? But this is very annoying and stealing time. I don’t want to rebuild running things, constantly.

Does anyone have similar experiences, or even a better solution for cases like this?

There are many having this problem here is one other sample

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YES. @JanneWassberg you’re more than right.

I just did not mention this performance problems, as this would not explain our problems with interactions

But my colleague to my side is complaining the whole day about the poor performance, he is experiencing, while working with a lot of data in several cms collections in the edito. He even lost a lot of data entries, he already processed. Sometime he had to repeat it two or three times, until the CMS was saving it reliable.

For me it’s just some more money, what i have to pay him for his time. :frowning:

@PixelGeek maybe you can help?

How long can it last to get priority support? I sent a second ticket meanwhile. It’s about 60 hours now, of waiting for a reply after I started my first ticket. Starting a second ticket is just sending a canned response again.

I’m DESPERATELY asking for support. Webflow I need HELP. PLEASE.

@WebDev_Brandon @RileyJones Have you seen this?


Can you provide repro steps for these interactions?

Share Link?

Steps of what you are doing and whats not working?


Best Regards,
~ Brandon

Hi Brandon,

as I’m still not having any feedback to my two tickets, I take the chance here, now

On this site you will find two versions of an accordion slider. They’re having the same structure, but just one of them is working. The working one I did after the not working one, as the first one was suddenly stopping to work.

Best Regards


Btw. this is just an example of, what is happening often with elements, using interactions in this project and others. What forced me to stop working with interactions in this project for the moment. But I can’t finish this project without interactions, so I would appreciate support, soon. At least something, what a colleague of you called “reset” in a former similar support case.

And as mentioned before in my first post, this problems were appearing several times since at least interactions 2.0, what forced me to start very often from scratch.

As it seems you’re part of the Webflow team, I strongly hope you can discuss this general instability problem with the team. Also I still wonder why I’m not getting any feedback via the regular support channel, even since we have priority support for this project.

I mention again, any help would be appreciated. I’s about 9:30 pm here meanwhile and I hoped to work again tomorrow at this project.



Hi Brandon,

what happened with Webflow support?

I’m not sure about, whats the reason, but it feels, if I could never expect any further reaction, wether here, from you, who gave me some hope for a moment, nor from my ticket over 80 hours ago.

For some reason I had a journey through the Webflow website, today and found this:

I just want to say, I fully understand, if things are not solvable immediately. But at least a feedback from someone, like, “we checked it out and try to solve it” or “I talked with my team about the problem and will give you feedback asap” would have been so helpful.

Maybe I should not talk about feelings too much, but it feels very frustrating and disappointing so far, to hang in the middle not knowing, if someone even saw this issue.

And be sure, I’m not having fun, to complain or whine here about a tool I deeply love since 4.5 years and what is a central thing for my business, meanwhile.



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Hi @pupinko,

Sorry to see the issue with the custom accordion. Sometimes this is just a bug. I would recommend just deleting the one that doesn’t work and copy/paste the one that does.

As for the delay in service, I am genuinely sorry for that. As most of our engineers were out for the holiday break as I am just seeing this.

Could you please provide your repro steps? What is it that you did to change the accordion, and what you did to remove those changes, etc.

Please let me know if you have any other questions,

~ Happy Designing ~

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