Interaction Bug - affecting other elements interactions not showing up

Same here! Home page interactions not working…

I’m getting really frustrated here, cause it looks like there’s a lots of bugs going on today, so I hope someone can look into it for me.

First bug is… I finished creating a page, it’s saved, and I also preview it. It looks great, so I go on to another page…Do the same. Create, save and publish. On this page, I also created a ‘close button’, and I noticed that this button didn’t show on the published page. So I checked, and surprisingly it was suddenly gone. And now things really start to happen.
Interactions stop working, not just on one page, but several pages. In the designer you can see images, frames and everything else, but on the published site… it’s just not visible at all. Very strange.
I’ve also created a modal pop up. It worked first time I tried it on the published site… but when things started to happen, and I wanted to try again… it’s not working. The modal is suppose to cover the entire page, but it don’t, and some parts of the page are suddenly appearing above the modal pop up. The modal is also showing from the mid down, without being able to scroll down… Links are not working well either. If I want to click on a image to make it larger, it’s not working…or…if I managed to click on the very right tiny little spot on the img, I’m lucky to get a bigger one (Custom Lightbox with dynamic content)

I have experienced similar to this several times before with other websites that I created… then everything looks ok, is working well, the published site is perfect… I log out, and the next day when I log in, the entire design is just a mess…so I have to create everything from scratch.
I hope I don’t have to do that this time, and that someone would be so kind to look into it. I’ve spent so many hours on this, and I just don’t want to start from scratch and make everything all over again.

So please, please, please help me out with this.

My shared link is here:

I haven’t made any NAV bar yet, so to watch the pages you have to get it from each page.

All the best

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Rolling over Connect in menus causes all menus to collapse and disappear… I was just about to launch, client is on the other end wondering what on earth is going on… PLEASE help.

Hang in there. Webflow has always been prompt and diligent in fixing their bugs. I can feel your pain from all the way in New Zealand and I hope your client will be understanding in the end. Good luck!

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Thanks Gary, fingers crossed… :slight_smile:


Steve Holmes
Creative Director

Hey everyone, our sincere apologies for this bug!

We tracked it down, and just deployed a fix.

The cleanest way to restore all the interactions settings if you happened to be hit by this issue will be to restore a recent version of your site. Any backup auto-saved before February 22 - 12:20pm PST should work fine, even if you tried restoring it before this fix went live. (If you tried to restore while the bug was live, you can retry now.)

If you happened to make significant changes since your last backup (that is, in the last 2 hours) and you can’t restore a backup, we have the ability to manually restore the interactions data. Unfortunately, this will require you to log out of editing your site for about an hour, while we manually restore the linked class configuration - please contact with your site’s subdomain so that we can help you out.


@energidesign @Sven_Erik_Slattedale @mburlinson @Cameron_Johnson Please let us know as soon as you can whether a restore has worked for you - we want to do everything in our power to get you guys back up to speed.

We’re really sorry that this slipped passed our regular QA process, and we’re working on adding more automated and manual tests here to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.


BAM! The interactions are back! now just need a shower to rinse off all of the sweat

Thanks all so much for getting this fixed so quickly.



That fixed it for me! Thanks @callmevlad and everyone at Webflow!

That was quick!


Still entirely broken for me…

I would copy any content you’ve currently got, then restore to whole day earlier.

Still entirely broken for me…

@energidesign Investigating your site now.

I would copy any content you’ve currently got, then restore to whole day earlier.

That should not be necessary.

I’ve made pre-launch changes now THREE times to this site, should have been launched over an hour ago, and I am now restoring to yesterday’s site and doing them again for the FOURTH time… I hope this works. I truly appreciate the effort from the support team, I’m just done. Almost midnight here and this should have been easy…

I restored now to the last version from over 24 hours ago yesterday, which SEEMS to work… but I am sure you can understand my hesitance… Making the edits again now…

I’m sorry… but as long as the website I’m working on is on a free plan, I’m not able to restore any backup, so I would be grateful for any help to restore it.

That said…going through the previews of the backups, it looks like some strange things started to happen more than a day ago. Like… I’ve inserted 1 heading linked to a dynamic list… and 3 titles are showing up. Very strange.
So please help me .

Hi @energidesign can we speak over email? I have sent you multiple emails from regarding your site. We would like your assistance to help fix your site.

Thanks :slight_smile:

@energidesign man that stinks. Talk about poor timing for the system to have these issues right before launch.

Had this issue myself, restored from an autosave today at 3:42pm (EST) which was made without changing anything on the site yet. Even though this was after the window they mention (Feb 22 @ 3:20pm EST), it seems to be working fine.

This was a major disaster for me and I’m sure for others…
With a live site completely broken I had no choice but to re-fill in dozens of connected interactions and this was incredibly difficult to remember and reassemble, setting me back hours. Boo :-/

Hey PixelGeek,

Thanks SO much for the direct response. Nelson has already been in touch, and I am now making the pre-launch edits which I had done 4 times before, as I restored to a version from 24 hours ago which now seems to work, and will make those changes to be sure before launch.

Having you and Nelson on standby does certainly help with my feeling of support :slight_smile:


Steve Holmes
Creative Director

Sorry @petergeokent :sweat: - please contact and we’ll try to make it right (whether it’s a partial refund or some Webflow credits, and assistance to make sure that you re-linked all the interactions correct (we can compare the current configuration to the backups).