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Interactions and Elements not showing up on published site

Hey everyone,

I’m facing a strange issue with my site. Till a few days back it was working perfectly, however, in the last few days I noticed that some interactions (related to mouse clicks) have stopped working. Example: the pop-out on the right-hand side, the interactions on this page (Space Quiz), the slider on the main page, etc.

Moreover, some elements are not showing up on the published site, basically everything below the “What Others Have to Say” section here (Main).

The weird thing is these are all working fine in preview mode. I’ve tried some solutions to related problems, such as unpublishing, checking on other laptops/phones, to no avail.

Any help would be great.
Thanks a lot in advance.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Van's Portfolio
Here’s my published site:

Hi @Vanjeet_D_souza, thanks for your post. I took a look and it seems there is an html embed on the pages where there is an issue in the Footer symbol:

Shared with CloudApp

This custom embed when published appears to affect the page, when the embed is removed from the page, then it seems that the interactions are working as expected on the page.

Custom code is not rendered until the page is published, so there is probably something about that custom code that causes other elements on the page to not render correctly.

I would next remove that custom code temporarily and then republish the site.

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Oh, my bad… I just noticed that I had an iframe withoutout a closing tag.

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I was just about to mention :slight_smile: iframes without closing tag can cause other elements to not appear

Thanks @cyberdave, I just noticed the issue. It was a bad iframe statement :smiley: missed adding the closing tag.
Thanks a ton for the reply.

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