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Interactions not working on published website

Hey guys,
My interactions are not working after publishing but they are working in preview mode. I really need help because the site has to go live tomorrow.

Please, please, please…

Thank you!

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

By the way, logging out and in again doesn’t help.

I really need a solution

If you are running custom code then disable it to rule out conflicts with interactions.

You did not share your read only so no one can see interactions and you have not indicated if it is one, many, or all that are not working.

I have a lot of custom code. My interactions stopped working after I made some changes on the designer but the design elements had some custom code applied to them. I will disable the code and see if it’s working.

Here’s my read-only:

Hey Jeff,
Thank you so much for your support.
Unfortunately, I disabled the custom code without any luck.

Just to be clear, the interactions on the entire website are affected. None of them are showing up in the published website.

What am I missing?

I believe your osano implementation is removing the core Webflow JavaScript file include that is normally right after jQuery is loaded before the body close.


You’re the best. I didn’t need that script line anyway. I forgot it there.

Thank you so much. It works now.