Elements not showing in published version but working fine in webflow preview

I have developed a site in webflow, when I load the webflow editor few of my elements go missing and after a few minutes they become visible and function perfectly, when I preview them they work as intended but when I publish the site again few of my elements are invisible and everything else is working fine.

If someone else faced the same issue and got the solution for it, please do let me know.

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I’d suggest to double-check the interactions and animations tied to those elements. Sometimes, they can trigger visibility changes that aren’t immediately apparent in the editor but become noticeable once published.

Another point to consider is the load order of your assets. Elements might take a bit longer to load on the published site, depending on the server and internet speeds. Ensuring that your assets are optimized for web use can sometimes mitigate these issues.

Also, it’s worth inspecting any custom code snippets you might have included. They can sometimes interfere with the default behavior of elements in unexpected ways, especially after publishing.


Crafting a seamless online experience – don’t overlook the nuances of interactions and animations in your design. Subtle visibility changes can sneak up post-publishing, urging a thorough double-check for a polished user experience. Additionally, fine-tuning asset load order and optimizing for the web can address lag concerns, while inspecting custom code snippets ensures they play nice with default element behaviors.

In the dynamic realm of web design, attention to detail is key. Beyond the editor’s view, watch for unexpected glitches tied to visibility changes, asset load order, and custom code snippets in your published site. A meticulous approach ensures a smooth online journey for users, catching any hiccups that may arise after deployment.

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Hey @LucasSorcerer Thanks for your suggestion.

Hey everyone, thanks for your taking out time to look into this issue, apparently I looked into the whole file also tried re-creating everything from scratch but that also didn’t helped much.
At last I went onto the image settings and that was where the problem lied, actually the images were set to Lazy Load that made them not to load as the page loaded and the browser was not able to figure out when or when not to load the images, so I just went to the image settings and switched the lazy load to Eager load and boom! Everything is working as it should.

Thank you everyone who looked into it.