Interactions 2.0 dont work on exported site


I have exported my project, and included on my website. However, I have issues with getting the interactions to work. I have inserted the script, which i normally do, but with this project i don’t work.

Anyone who have tried something similar with the new Interactions?

My browser tells me that the script is being loading with a status code of 200, so it’s not getting blocked.

Here is the link for the JS:

NB! The interactions work in Webflow Preview.


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @Anders_Skaarup_Chris,

I cannot really comment on the .js except that if the original file is not modified, then it should work as expected on the exported site.

What kind of change did you make to the script if any?

What is the url of the exported site? Are there any messages in the browser console?

A good test is to download the export from Webflow, then unzip and open the site locally in Safari with no modifications made to the export files (or upload to server without modification). After that, check if the IX work ok without modification.

Thanks in advance.

HI Cyberdave,

I found out that i was missing following code line to exported site, therefore there were no reference to the file.

Thanks for your reply, it worked by just testing piece by piece on local file with changes.


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how did you reference to the file?