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Interactions 2.0 Not Compatible Anymore

Hey guys,
we’ve been using webflow for a long time now. Our website is not hosted on webflow so we export the code webflow gives us, make some tweaks to it (appearance only, like changing the asset links to our hosted ones) then upload it to our website.

So far it had been running without issues, only recently we ran into an issue with the interactions. I compared some of the old interactions we’d made before to the new ones. I noticed ever since this got added to the JS code of the interaction they stopped working completely: “* Webflow: Interactions 2.0: Init”
This is followed by the interaction code itself. On the old ones that still work we never had this so I figured this is probably a compatibility issue with Interaction 2.0.

My question is how/what do we have to update on our end to make it work again? I’m not familiar with JS at all so I don’t even know if this is a JS issue, I just noticed the difference is there.

If you need anything else do let me know, and thanks in advance!