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Interactions do not work on exported Webflow Sites

I’ve seen this brought up a few other times and never have I seen a support ticket work to solve this issue. I’ve confirmed all correct JS files, CSS, and proper HTML is in. The interactions seem to come with a “data-w-id” attached to the interactions that are NOT referenced in any of the exported JS/CSS files from Webflow. I’m guessing they get referenced to something in Webflow that doesn’t get exported to ZIP.

In hope that this topic can Work to Solve this issue for us using exports.


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Share a published link and I could give you a hand. No links - No help.

I’ll have to go back in and add interactions. I needed to go live so I had to remove all traces of interactions to get the site to behave right out of webflow. So at this time I don’t have anything to push or share.

Give me an hour or so I’ll go back in and create some interactions. Appreciate your willingness to help.