Interactions not working on export

Hi everyone,

I’m exporting code out of webflow to self-host, and for some reason all of my interactions are not working.

Before code export:

When I export the code, my interactions no longer show up:

Can anybody suggest how I can fix this?

Hello @devinllp,

Did you change the .js file name?

Hi @devinllp, I took a look at both of the links on your external server, and they seem to be working for me, I am on chrome latest on osx latest.

Search interaction:


If this is still an issue, would it be possible to expand a bit with screencast to show what is not working in the interactions on the exported site? The interactions seem to be working the same way for me on both the webflow hosted site and the exported site. I will be happy to check again :wink:

Thanks everyone. The issue seemed to be that I didn’t copy webflow.js and jquery includes into the footer properly.


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