Interactions don't work on exported website

I’m experimenting using Webflow to support with some code creating for my existing website I’ve created a playground page and started building out what I would like to see on my main site, within webflow. I’ve got it to a point on webflow where I like it and I want to test it on my main site: Dan's Playground

This is where it breaks - for the purpose of this topic I am only interested in the video section that should, when scrolled into view, fade 2 elements in from the left and right - a video and some supporting copy. On my main site this does not happen, they stay at the interaction original state.

I’ve read through some other posts and the solution there didn’t work. I’ve used tag manager to add the following scripts to the page to test:

    <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

I use Umbraco CMS, which when I paste in the scripts above, it strips them out as an un-allowed element. Therefor I have to apply scripts with Tag Manager.

Here is a link to my live site, where it is not working: Dan's Playground

Here is my public share link: