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Interactions 2.0 copy/paste to new page not working

I’ve read through just about every post on this subject and I still cannot get this to work. I know the copy/paste feature has recently been updated but still getting poor results on one interaction.

I’ve constructed a mobile menu using interactions 2.0. I have a separate page named “Mobile Menu Components”, plan being to get everything working in this clean page and then copy and paste into the various pages of my site. Copied and pasted into position on my homepage and it doesn’t work.

I’ve included a couple of gifs to show the working menu and the non-working copy.

The hamburger icon should open/close the mobile menu (class=“mobile-menu-wrapper”)

I get the error that mobile-menu-wrapper cannot be found on the page and that I need to replace it. It is on the page and I no longer have the option to “replace”. Feeling stuck. Hoping to not have to rebuild the interaction for each page.

Designer link:

Published links:
(not working)

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The default option for actions inside of an IX2 animation is “Selected Element” which means it will target a specific element on a site with a unique identifier. If that element is duplicated a totally new id is created for that element. So that means duplicating elements with an interaction that has “Selected Element” will target the original elements. You have a couple options:

  1. Create a symbol with this component. That way it’s always the same element (same ids).
  2. Set the action to target a class and make sure it’s set to target only children of the interaction trigger. Learn more here: