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Copy/paste interaction broken & elements not named correctly

Site 1)

Site 2)

Copying from Site 1 to Site 2 (page = LA Blimp)

Element being copied) Mobile Header > Hamburger

I haven’t dug into it more deeply, but I can confirm that the hamburger lines all come through to Site 2 with the exact same class name, instead of 3 different class names which is how they appear on site 1.

The (legacy) interaction is also very different from the one on Site 1. On Site 1, the interaction names each hamburger line individually, and also has a reference to “mobile menu container,” and that reference doesn’t copy/paste at ALL. On Site 2, all interaction commands are tied to Hamburger Line 1, and they all do the same exact thing.

Hi @Cricitem

Thanks for letting us know about this error.

I was able to reproduce the error and have forwarded to the team.

I’ll post back here when we have more info — quick question for now: Were these hamburger line classes duplicated from one class?

​Thanks in advance.

Thinking back, I believe they were. I can’t say that for certain though.

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Okay did some more testing @Cricitem

It looks like if you copy elements that were duplicated from the same class and all have the same styles, pasting into a new site reverts the classes back to the original class name. The exception here is if there are different styles.

I made a video explaining the bug and how you can workaround it:

Hope this helps!


There is still the issue of the fact that the interaction came over missing an entire action.

There is still the issue of the fact that the interaction came over missing an entire action.

This is likely just a symptom from the issue explained in the video. Hamburger 2 & 3 no longer exist so the interactions that affect those elements will also be affected.

If you look in the source site, at the interaction assigned to Hamburger, it affects an element called “mobile menu container” which is completely separate. When you copy/paste the Hamburger element, it creates the interaction but it entirely omits the reference to mobile menu container.

Hi @Cricitem

It looks like the mobile menu container is a sibling of the nav bar

So if you are copying and pasting the mobile header, the interaction won’t be able to reference the mobile menu container unless it’s also copy pasted into the new site.

If they are copy/pasted with two separate actions you may also need to go into the interaction reselect the newly pasted mobile menu container.

I hope this makes sense and let me know if you have other questions :bowing_man:

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