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Interactions 2.0 bugs (jumping, positioning)

I’m having some frustrating bug issues with the new IX2. Basically while I’m following along in the tutorials, the positioning of the elements “jump” right when the page loads. They also jump to incorrect positions (also while in the IX2 menu) and then the interactions don’t move as planned. Specifically if I want to move an object up to 50% so it goes faster, it doesn’t move at all. It’s hard to describe everything that is happening so please take a look at the preview link.

Here’s a video demonstration

Here’s the dev site:

Preview link

Thoughts? @Waldo

@PixelGeek just thought I’d tag you in this one as well! :slight_smile:

Hi @dsgnr Try using the page trigger instead of the element trigger.

Because in the element trigger, since the element is already almost out of the viewport, the scroll indicator thinks its somewhere like 20% down the page.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Missed that step! Ok I have switched over to page trigger, although now 100% is the bottom of the page and not the specific hero div.

Got it - now I can move them up in percentage. Cool! Thanks

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