"While Scrolling In View" interactions broken on published site

Hi y’all,

My landing page’s “while scrolling in view” interactions work as expected in preview, but break when published. I reduced the page to just one for testing purposes - changing the background color of the “projects” container while it scrolls through three projects.

Here it is working in the preview:


Here it is broken in the published site:

It’s like the entire interaction plays at the 1% scroll point.

I’ve tried manually setting the height of the projects container, thinking it was because the projects are CMS items so the height is dynamic - but I had the same issue.

Any thoughts??

Thank you!

Try setting that same interaction to the parent (Page wrapper) instead of the Projects layer, and adjust the percentages.

Thanks for the idea!
Unfortunately still broken. Again it works in live preview, but it doesn’t trigger at all on the published site:

I made the interaction as simple as possible - just changing the background color twice.

works in preview:

broken in published:

it’s like all the interaction boundaries are broken for this page on my published site. Scrolling interactions on other pages work fine

Hi y’all any chance someone on the IX2 team has thoughts on this? @PixelGeek @Waldo @RileyJones

PHEW, with the help of @jorn this is resolved :sun_with_face:

I had the Calendly script embedded on my site. Their widget was messing with the IX2 in some way. I moved the embed to a dedicated page on my site & the scroll interactions are working perfectly :tada:

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