Interaction problems on Hamburger menu

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Hopefully, someone could give me a hand in sorting this out. I’m having trouble with my hamburger menu closing properly and being the correct color on the ‘About us’ page. It seems to be a bit buggy and I have tried several times to change the interactions and it just seems to be getting worse.

The hamburger menu works how I want it to on the Home page: See the read-only link below. But the extra step of having the Nav-bar icons go from black in their initial states to white once the hamburger menu is open, and then back again breaks somewhere? I don’t know if I’m overcomplicating the interactions and I apologize if I have explained that badly I have just been working at it for a while with no success, so any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

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Here is my public share link: Webflow - Twelfthman

I’d come here looking for help with almost exactly the same problem! Seems that changing the burger bar colours and animating them is adding some kind of bug.

I’ll follow this thread with interest and hopefully together we can get it solved!

My read only link

When I view your site here:

the menu interaction appears to work correctly. Did you figure it out?

I might not fully understand what you’re after but typically the “on 2nd click” interaction needs all elements to start where the “on 1st click” leaves off.
For example, if the 1st click makes the top line rotate and move, then the second click needs to start this element from that rotation/move position, and then rotate and move back to its original position.
Right now, your 2nd click doesn’t have the correct starting positions.

so start off at 0 seconds where the 1st click left off? Because initial states should only be used on the 1st click right?