Unable to get hamburger menu to revert back to closed

Hi all,

I have a hamburger menu button which works fine when opening the menu.

It’s icon changes from
hb 1
…with no problem

Also if it’s clicked again , it reverses as the menu closes.

I’m trying to have it do the same thing (revert back to original hamburger) when a link on my menu (eg ‘Work’) is clicked.

I can get this icon to close:
…But I can’t get this icon to stay open:
hb 1

If anyone can crack it I’d be so grateful. Been stuck on it all day. Thanks !

here’s my link:

Here is my public share link: Webflow - alexis creative

Hey there :wave:

When I opened your read-only and toggled the preview, the animation worked for me. Not sure if you were able to resolve it since the post

Hi , thanks for taking a look. The issue was when clicking on the ‘Home’ link.
The burger was disappearing instead of changing.

I’ve since started the menu again because i was getting confused and it’s working now.
The ‘home’ link in the menu now triggers the hamburger transformation.

Thanks for looking though!