Site Menu disappears if first trigger clicked again too quickly - please help!

Hi everyone,

Please help me understand what I’m doing wrong and how to fix this:

I’ve got a site menu that slides in from the right side (it’s a Site Menu Component symbol within the Site Nav symbol) when the burger menu is triggered. It’s only triggering on the 1st click to OPEN the menu without any initial states (have tried with initial states but seems to make no difference). Once the menu is opened, there is another identical button that CLOSES the menu, also with a “1st click” interaction.

The problem is that when I close the site menu component and quickly click the OPEN button again, the menu slides back out but then promptly disappears - I don’t know how to get it to stop doing this.

I want to keep it to two buttons if possible, so that the visitor can continue scrolling without leaving the burger menu behind.

Any assistance would be thoroughly appreciated =)

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Probably the solution is to have that burger menu button fixed in the top (and use one button only) it can be z-index higher, and use a lottie as burger icon, (0% when non opened and 100% when opened) if still need help contact me through instagram: sebasbimbi