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Interaction affecting nested styles


Here’s the thing: I have a list item that should remain hidden until I click on another list item (from another list).

So I make the item hidden (all list items have a style, but to be abble to show one at a time I have to create a nested style, right?) and create an interaction that will watch for clicks. When that happens, the hidden list item should show up. But the “affect different elements” input does not show me any nested styles, only all list items. How do I affect only that guy?

TLDR: The “affect different elements” input does not show me nested slytes. Why and how to work around it?

Thank you all!

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Affect different element does not really work with targeting an element that has numerous classes, actually (I think). Often you need to redo/rethink your work to end up with a targeted element that has a single class attached to. Webflow people have said they’ll work on that, though I don’t think it’s a priority so I would wait for it, instead you should rework your structure.

Hmm… That’s sad, there is a ton of interactions that would benefit from that, making my prototypes way more realistic.

In the meantime, I made a workaround. I created a global style for each list item by deleting the global already there, then putting it back in, after the new one.

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not sad, you’re still able to do anything you want provided you know this rule and structure your elements accordingly. everything is possible on that matter.

True, I was being pessimist I think. In any case, its quite a tedious process. Would be cool to have an easier way to work.

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