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Interactions: affect different element(s) only works for one element

I’m trying to create an interaction which affects several elements in the same way, basically it hides them on click but although the relevant checkbox in the interactions palette is labeled with an (s) at the end “affect different element(s)” , I can’t seem to enter more than one element in the field. Is this a bug, limitation, am I doing something wrong? I really don’t fancy having to create a different interaction for every element I want to hide!

You can’t add multiple classes to that section of the interactions panel.

When it refers to different element(s) it means that you could be affecting multiple elements if they have the same class name.

you can add multiple triggers to the same interaction to affect different class names.

It would be great if there was a duplicate trigger function, so you could just change the affected class. Maybe think about making that a wishlist item.


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