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IX2.0 - Where is "affect other element" for toggles and such?


IX 2.0 is awesome. I sold a small re-design so this dropped at the perfect time. I’m really loving the ease of use, along with real-time visual preview.

My question is, what is the best way to imitate the legacy option of “affect different element”, where if (for instance ) you were to create a button out of a div that toggles a show/hide state of another div, you would select “affect different element”. I’ve looked everywhere in the new Ix 2.0 options and can’t find it. I refuse to flick the legacy switch, haha. Must…not…cheat…


Hi @NewInBoston great question! It’s actually much easier now with Action lists.

Check out our new courses:

Basically select and element to create a click interaction on, then once you get through to the Action list panel you select other elements and create interactions around what happens (it’s covered in detail in the new courses). Hope that this helps!


Hi @waldo, using the method you describe is there any way to select elements that are not visible/selectable in the designer?

Another post with same question:

Awesome, thanks for that those videos helped me out. Makes perfect sense now…I hadn’t realized that once entering an animation setting with the timeline, that you visually select the target element to affect.

Works really well. And to answer the question above me about selecting hidden elements, I use the animation timeline to select them. Whatever event you click on in the timeline, if you hit the + button to add a new event it will add a new event for the element linked to the event you clicked on. That was how I was able to add a “show” (block) even after setting it to hide on initial.

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