"Affect different element" can only target the first style

When applying an interaction, it can only target the first style applied to an element. The dropdown list for “Affect different element” will not show the second style applied to an element, nor the third style, etc. This bug requires a ridiculous workaround - you must create a useless element, and then apply a (first) style to it that matches the name of the target style on the other element, and then delete the useless element. The target style will thereafter be a valid entry for “Affect different element”.

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Hi @Vasken

Thanks so much for sharing your feedback here.

This is a known limitation of Interactions – you are only able to target the first class in a combo class. It sounds like you found a nice workaround for this though.

The team is currently investigating ways to tackle this specific limitation but I don’t have any timeframe as to when something like this would be shipped.

If we do make any updates in this area I’ll be sure to reply to this thread.

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