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Applying interaction to a nested class?

I am trying to apply an interaction on an element from another element, but it shares the same class as items I do not want affected. My solution was to add another class to differentiate it, however I cannot choose that class when I select “Affect different elements” in the interactions panel. How do I get around this?

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I"m facing the same issue. I have to admit I try to target an element that I have been styling many times, adding classes, it’s not the best case scenario because a bit messy. That’s why I haven’t reported it. However, it shares nothing with the starting element and I could not figure out if there was a real reason for the class never to show up when I type it in the target field.

I ended up wrapping the element in another div and targeting that new div instead. Works for now but its just adding more code.

you mean these buttons?

in additional, interactions does not work with nested class, (i don’t now why), you need to create a new class.



What you can do is create a div inside another div and trigger only that are within it.
Do not know if this information helped.

Yeah, thats a way to do it. I just wrapped my target element with a div and triggered that new container instead.

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Hey guys sorry that there have to be workarounds for this. We plan on adding nested classes into this selector widget for interactions, but have been running into some issues. I’m hoping we can add this feature soon.

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Hey sergie,

Any chance on this rolling out soon? I have a page for a client where this would save so much time and code.

I wouldn’t have expected this because of the complexity it brings (on WF side) but if you do, it’s going to be sometimes a LOT easier to build complex (an unplanned) interactions.

I truly hope they can get nested classes working. Interactions get complex and unintuitive enough after creating pretty basic hover effects with multiple elements. Making a few things a little easier would help.

Still… Interactions are a feat-to-behold. One of Webflows powerhouse features. I applaud the devs on that. Keep it up.


Still no updates? it’s nearly 2 years