Integromat Webflow Form integration

Quick question - does anyone on here use Integromat?I’m trying to configure a Webflow form to send a copy of itself to a user if they’ve ticked a checkbox but can’t fathom it!

I’m using Integromat to update a Google Sheet when a user submits a Webflow form. All works great but the client has requested a checkbox titled ‘Send me a copy of my responses’. I need Integromat to email the data if the user tick this box but completely stuck!

Hi @ConnectCreativeDes,

Did you try adding a filter to only send an email when the checkbox is ticked ?

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Hi Pierre, thank you so much! I’m completely new to Integromat and not even discovered filters yet. I’ll give it a whirl!

Integromat is so much fun. Did you have any success setting up this filter ?

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Enjoying getting my head around the possibilities! Yes, that filter works great, thank you!

And then the client called to say they no longer need the function! Oh I love clients.

Still, its been a useful exercise anyway!

@ConnectCreativeDes :wave: Integromat is great and I love it. It’s super flexible and powerful for a very reasonable price.

I know your immediate issues been solved, but I stumbled across this thread and see that you mentioned you’re new to it.

Here are a couple of quick screencasts of mine that run through setting and using Integromat with Webflow. Thought you may find them useful:

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Hi @ChrisDrit, thank you so much for that - just the kind of info I was after! I’ll have a read through and sure it will come in very helpful.

Thank you!

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