Start an Integromat scenario by clicking on a button

Hello all !
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On my new project, I need to strat an integromat scenario by clicking on a button,
I don’t know if I can link a webhook on a button, or if I need a webhook but an API call.

For more details, this button will call an automation, with I will take values on Airtable and send a PDF to the one who clicking on the button.
But today, I’ve make the render of the pdf, but by clicking on an Airtable button, it’s not what i want.

Thx a lot for your time.

This is a bit of an old post, but just now stumbling across it. If anyone else does…

A Webhook works perfect in this situation, and it’s very easy to setup.

Here’s how:

  1. Create a native Webflow form.
  2. Remove all the form fields and labels, leaving only the form button.
  3. Add your Make (Integromat) Webhook URL to your forms “Action” field.

When a visitor submits the form it’ll trigger you Make (Integromat) Scenario :smiley:

Hey Chris,

Sounds like a great solution however when I add the Make URL to the Action field the user gets redirected to a blank page with just the word ‘Accepted’.
Do you know how to prevent such a redirect and still POST the data to the webhook? I’m trying to avoid a redirect because of several reasons which I won’t go into detail here.

On a slightly separate note, thanks for your blog, it’s been very useful :slight_smile:

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Hi @WillSayer thank you for the kind words :pray:

Here a tutorial solving that problem for you:

My tutorial walks through using Javascript (and includes it all) to make it a better user experience, but you could also skip that and just use the “webhook response” module mentioned with a “301 redirect” to a new page if you prefer.

Hope that helps!