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Help with Integromat and Webflow CMS integrations

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Currently, I am working on a client project that has a Resource Library with contributions from site users. The library itself is fueled through a Collection. Basically what I am wanting to accomplish is this:

  1. A user submits a new resource to our Resource Submission Forum on the website.
  2. From there, said resource will be added into a Google Sheet for review of the team.
  3. If the team decides to approve the resource to be added, they can check a box within the Google Sheet in the row that the Resource was copied into.
  4. Once the box is checked, Google Sheets will send the data back to Webflow in the forum of a CMS item.

I have been able to accomplish everything on its own that I am needing. However, I cannot get Integromat to watch for the checkbox to be checked within the sheet. I seem to remember seeing a tutorial on how to do this back sometime last year, but I can’t seem to locate it.

Any help is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

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Hey @TylerCourts awesome concept!

There are two options here. You can set a schedule to look at the sheet, or use the watch changes trigger for Google Sheets.

Once you get the results though you will need to apply a filter to see all that have been approved. As well as a second filter for another column as to if it has been added to Webflow.

Then you run your scenario to create the item, and at the end update your sheet to say it has been created. (This way you don’t create something twice)

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Hey @TylerCourts,

An alternative would be to use Airtable for Resource submissions, and create a view that filters only resources that have the checkbox. Then use PowerImporter to sync Airtable to Webflow after your team has finished approving/rejecting submissions.

PowerImporter will add new Airtable records that appear in the view to the CMS, and will even delete CMS items when an Airtable record disappears from the view (in case you want these resources to ‘expire’).

Hey Marc!

Ohhhhhh… this is awesome. I am thinking that AirTable may be the way to go with this, after watching some tutorials online.

I also wasn’t aware that PowerImporter existed… so that is a awesome thing. I will definitely be looking into that more.

Thanks so much! :smiley:

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Hey Drew!

Thanks so much for the reply. That makes complete sense. How do I go about making sure that it only selects the data in a single row? Like how does it know to pull a full row of data vs. just a singe cell?

I really appreciate your help :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad I could help. :smiley:

Here’s a tutorial that is a lot like your use case. Videos submitted by users and approved/rejected by admins before they appear on Webflow.

Thanks @JudoHacker! I actually just sent you a message on Twitter. Care to take a look whenever you get a chance?