Enquiry forms integration with Klaviyo through Integromat"Make"

Hi there Webflow creators,

Daniele here, going crazy trying to connect a very simple form for enquiries to an email response I have designed in Klaviyo. I am pretty sure this topic is a real problem for many creators.
I need some serious help to get this form working.
I learnt Webflow very well and I can do incredible thing on the web, BUT I am still wondering why connecting a form has to be so painful.
Most of these plugins/platforms around (and they are millions) for emails are focusing often ONLY on subscriptions, however for many brands responding to a client that enquire for a product is very important but is not highly contemplated.
I tried all those Zapier, Mailchimp, Convertkit, Airtable (no comment) and many, many more, but only Klaviyo caught my attention for the high level of customisation.
PS for me the detail in everything is paramount and the email I would send to my clients has to be has good as the attention I put in what I do for living.
By the way guys, Klaviyo is absolutely WOW, a bit of time learning it but really excellent when it comes to design an email of any kind with all the minutia you might like, it can be really accurate in terms of design; link below.
So here I am, spent more than 3 days and I am still not having the forms connected.
So if somebody has been able to connect Klaviyo via Intergomat or any other platform please let me know how you did it, I would really appreciate that.

Klaviyo https://www.klaviyo.com
Integromat "Make"ttps://eu1.make.com