Integration Webflow - (reviews)


thank your for taking the time to help if possible!!

is there a way to integrate into webflow?

thanks in advance

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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@travel_with_me currently theres not any direct relationship. Maybe with zapier in a near future ( , but if you know how to make API connections you may be able to make the integration yourself.

Here’s the API from Stamped:

Webflow API:

Are you looking for a tightly integrated review solution in general or does it have to be Stamped?

i just need to pull the reviews from Stamped, because the reviews are inputed on Shopify…

Hey @travel_with_me. This is super easy actually!

This took me a couple hours cause I never have touched HTML or really any code in my life. But Follow the steps it’s super simple!

Hey @maxwellx & @travel_with_me !

We make Reviews for Webflow Shops and Sites which is a native solution for Webflow, more customization options and no additional workflows required. It’s also more affordable.

Would love for you to give it a try! Please let me know if you want an extended free trial. hello

RIP wish I saw this before setting everything up. Sigh I might switch over to your platform, being honest. Just cause the API order integration is already installed on my site from just a minute of testing your platform and on Stamped it costs a lot to integrate the API.

Yes an extended free trial would be huge. I am going to have to back track a lot but it seems sort of worth it.

We hear you! We tried to make setup as simple as possible with only one script. We’d love to have you and happy to give you that extended free trial!

Standing by if you want to reach out with any questions!

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I am coming back just to confirm for people browsing through this thread for help: Monto is the best option for those of us who chose Webflow for e-commerce. Awesome dashboard, setup took literal seconds, abandoned carts feature :eyes: , and honestly, the fact alone it automatically creates the Webhooks in seconds to push through order information, order changes, products, etc. was what really sold me. Seemless decision to make.

Plus they send funny emails, big Webflow marketing vibes lol. Thank you to whoever at Monto who popped in this thread to save me hours of work!

Hey @maxwellx!

Thank you so much for the kind words – can’t wait to share this with the rest of the team!! If there’s anything we can do to help you out please reach out anytime at :metal:

For anyone curious, check out Abandoned Cart Recovery for Webflow and Reviews for Webflow!