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Is it possible to design a page for a Shopify site in Webflow?

Hi - I’ve never used Shopify before but I’m familiar with Webflow.

A client came to me asking if I could build a page for her Shopify site - it has no Shopify products on it. It’s going to be a page where her shoppers can find out more about the ingredients she uses within her products.

I’m wondering if there is somehow a way to design this in Webflow (we want to work with parallax scrolling and other elements from Webflow) and take the code from the site and create a “new page” in her Shopify store and add it that way? Does anyone know if this is possible? I can’t seem to find any articles online about this. There would be some links to her products, but I was thinking I could just integrate a URL onto a button that leads the user back to her Shopify site.

If anyone has any advice, I’d appreciate it! Thank you.

Yes, with the Udesly Adapter you can convert your Webflow designs into Shopify themes by apply custom attributes to your design.
View a short overview here: Create a Shopify Theme with Webflow | How the Udesly Adapter works for Shopify - YouTube

The second option would be to build out the required pages in Webflow, export the code, and use Shopify documentation/ Youtube videos to convert your design.

Alternatively, you can build out your items in Webflow via a CMS collection and add a Shopify buy button via an embed field. This if you want to run the store on Webflow and not worry about a Shopify conversion.

Here is a workshop @PixelGeek did a while back to give you a good start on the process : Webflow Workshop #31: How to dynamically integrate Shopify products into your Webflow CMS site - YouTube

If you need any further help with the process, just give me or the rest of the community a shout.

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