Webflow shopify intergrations?

A client said that its a deal breaker if the store isn’t a shopify store,
I’m looking for various ways I can adhere to the clients needs, but still utilising my skills in the webflow designer.

Is there an integration to allow for a Shopify checkout within webflow?

is there an integration that allows a dynamic link between products set up in shopify to then live update to a product in a webflow site?

Can I export code to Shopify and let them take the design and add products in Shopify. (if exported will animations and interactions work seamlessly?) (What are the positives and negatives?).

what can I propose to them?

Hi @Fin did you manage to sort this? I have a solution that will help keep Webflow frontend with full Shopify backend.

Hey @Chris_Waterhouse i’m looking at attempting to do this as well. Any advice or solutions you would recommend? I’ve heard of people linking the “buy” button to shopify through JS, I just haven’t been able to find a full in depth tutorial on it yet on exactly what JS code to write to make this possible.

I have been researching this during the last few months and seems like there is no one place for all my findings so will spell them out here.
At the same time its amazing that there are dozens of videos in YouTube for this subject where the people have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

Im in process of trying these different approaches for different Webflow & Headless Ecom projects.

Here a few previous conversations about this

The ways to integrate seem to be as follows:

Not really integrations, but alternatives

  • Udesly theme conversion
  • Foxy.io and Shopify could be synced with ShipStation so the shipping management would be in same place but products and integrations are in Webflow & Foxy

Im also intending to setup affiliate link tracking with headless Shopify
Looks like GoAffPro https://docs.goaffpro.com/how-tos/setup-cross-domain-tracking has the clearest documentation for that and it also works with all the major ecommerce platforms.

My doubts:

  • Can I setup the affiliate tracking seamlessly from webflow domain to shopify checkout?
  • What pros and cons these different approaches to integrate Shopify to Webflow have?
  • How can I sync the Product ID from Shopify to Webflow CMS in bulk and automatically?

In Shopyflow it seems that the product data is imported to Webflow CMS directly, which allows for doing the filtering of the products inside Webflow itself. It may also be faster to load instead of making requests to Webflow API. In the other approaches the product data is fetched from Shopify in page load, which slows down the site - by how much Im not sure.

I prompted some draft python code solution that would sync the Shopify product data to Webflow CMS.
If I would get that to work together with the Shopify APIs or SDKs, it would probably be the most affordable in long term (as you own the code, no subscripitions), flexible and scalable solution.

Shopyflow on the other hand is probably the easiest as its attribute based, but its in beta and has its limitations with apps (backend apps work, frontend apps like affiliate link tracking, maybe?)

It’s great to see your dedication to meeting your client’s needs while leveraging your skills in Webflow. Yes, there are ways to integrate Shopify with Webflow.1. Shopify Checkout Integration: You can embed a Shopify Buy Button on your Webflow site, allowing customers to add products to their cart and complete the checkout process on Shopify.2. Dynamic Product Updates: Tools like Udesly’s ““Shopify to Webflow”” allow you to sync product data from Shopify to Webflow. Changes in Shopify will automatically update on your Webflow site.For more insights and experiences, you might want to check out https://www.linkedin.com/posts/gerrid-smith-1259622_activity-7138406786906103808-vn6g/. It can provide valuable tips and considerations.

I’m skilled in the Webflow Designer, I’m seeking ways to seamlessly integrate Shopify into the Webflow environment. Is there a way to embed a Shopify checkout within a Webflow site? I’m exploring options for a dynamic link between Shopify products and their counterparts on a Webflow site.