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Integrating property listing via API

Has anyone built an option to push Property listing via API to web flow site? We are looking to create a site on webflow and have our proeprties updates from our property management solution

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Hi @Andrews_Moses, thanks for your post. Webflow has a developers API to the CMS which allow you to create, update, and delete items in cms collections, see here:

A cms hosting site plan or higher is needed in order to use the API.

Hey @Andrews_Moses looks like you’ve already received one great answer with a resource, but I thought it would be appropriate to chime in with another.

I have a post about how to use the Webflow API here…

Also, if you dig around on my site a bit I have a bunch of tutorials that walk you through, step-by-step, how to set that up.

I’m happy to answer any questions here if you have them. What you need to accomplish is totally doable, good luck!