Linking Property listings to Webflow CMS

Hi we are scoping out a website build for a property management client who currently use palace software. We are wanting to Sync the listings they have in palace to the webflow CMS. Palace have an API with some documentation here.

Is anyone able to advise on if this is viable to setup, i dont have experience in using the CMS API so unaware of any limitations that may be encountered. Many thanks.

I’m not exactly sure what your trying to do by connecting Palace with Webflow.

Are you trying to get data from the Palace API and show it on a Webflow page? If so, you could fetch the data with JavaScript. Webflow allows custom code so you can do some Ajax.

More on Webflow and custom code -

Hi Jurbank thanks for your reply

Are you trying to get data from the Palace API and show it on a Webflow page?

Yes as the noted in the Palace API web service documentation…

Palace offers the ability to perform various functions through a secure API Web Service (SOAP). Major features of this service include…Available Properties List (Sync)

So i am wondering if this can be integrated with the Webflow CMS API, so available properties listings in Palace are synced and published to the webflow CMS.

Palace can set a API up to the client but cant help with a full integration. We are looking to outsource this as its out of my expertise so just wondering if it is workable.

If you’re looking for a way for the Palace data to POST directly to Webflow, have a look at the developer documentation here -

Then maybe you could setup a webhook ( on Webflow side that would trigger a GET ( which would then POST the data back to Palace.

Hopefully that gives you some ideas.

Good luck! :slight_smile: