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Integration with Stripe Connect

Has anyone or does anyone know of a development resource that can do this for a Webflow site? We have a custom payments in and out that is supported by Stripe connect. The Webflow -Zapier -Stripe flow looks like it only supports the basic Stripe scenario.

Did you get Stripe Connect to work?
I am looking to build an ecommerce market place site.

Unfortunately, no. It is not that it could not work it was just the the flow I needed.

Thanks for the response!

I would like this answered also.

Hey guys can you help everyone able with this question? @WebflowCommunityTeam

Thank You

Adding my buddy Brandon also.


@dram and you help here?


Thanks @Jones1107 for the shout out here.

In this case, Stripe Connect does not work with Webflow ecom. If you are outside of one of the countries that we support, you will have to use Stripe Atlas or PayPal at this time.

Have a Great Day and Happy Designing,
~ Brandon

Thanks Brandon, We are in the USA. When you say it is not supported, does that mean by Webflow or does that include 3rd parties like Zapier or are you only referring to Webflow support.