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Instagram Embed in Webflow

Does anyone have a preferred way of creating an Instagram embed in Webflow? I’m working on a site for a non-profit and they don’t want to pay to use Elfsight. They would either like to have a feed that displays multiple IG accounts in the same feed or a hashtag feed.

I found this method, which seems promising, but would require me to have the client’s Instagram passwords to connect to Zapier, which is not ideal. How to add Instagram Feed to Webflow for Free - YouTube I also don’t think you can connect to a hashtag using Zapier, but if there is a way to do that, it may be the best option.

I also found this: but I’m not sure how to style the feed with this method and the default does not match the client’s website at all.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! :pray:


Great to know that you were considering choosing Elfsight Instagram Feed!

You know, we have special offers for non-profit organizations and we’re sure we’ll be able to find a decent solution for you as well :slight_smile:

Please contact us at, we’ll be more than happy to discuss the options.

Elfsight Team

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