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Add Instagram Feed Free and Without 3rd Parties?

Hi everyone!

I’ve been researching how to add an instagram feed for one of my projects, but all the information I can find points me to 3rd party tools.

Does anyone know of any custom code solution? I understand Facebook got pretty serious lately about restricting access to its API’s (you have to get approved, etc) so I was wondering I anyone found a solutions to this issue?

Any tips will be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

As far as I know there aren’t any “no code” options that don’t involve 3rd party tools. The closest somewhat native option is using Zapier to push the updates a Collection but this is a less than graceful solution in my opinion.

Webflow links to Facebook’s documentation on their Instagram Integrations page, but you’d need to be familiar with code to get it working:

I’m sure the option above has it’s own set of drawbacks or limitations, but it may get you looking into the right direction.