How to embed Instagram feeds on website

I have tried to embed Instagram feeds on website but not able to do it. Is there any tool or simple process that can help me to do it?

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I´ve done it with Zapier as the university post shows it.
There is a good video on Webflow University. (<-- just click on the link)

Hope i could help


Hi Emilio

Yes, there is a free tool through which you can do it with ease. Try Tagembed Instagram widget, Just follow these simple steps to embed Instagram feeds on website:

Login to Tagembed and create a widget
Click on add feeds & choose Instagram as the source.
Provide required fields such as hashtags, mention, handle, etc which feeds you want to show on website.
Click on edit if you want to customize its size.
Go go Embed widget, here you will get a code.
Copy that code and paste on your website.

This is how you will be able to embed Instagram feeds on website


I want to share a cool Instagram feed idea, which is
An endless feed.

Hi, there is a template on Webflow Showcase to embed your instagram feed thanks to Webflow collections with an make (Integromat) automation if it can help you : instagram-embed-webflow-widget - Webflow