Free Instagram without the App logo?

I want to add an Instagram feed on my clients website. Are there any free third party options without the logo on or do you have to pay for the upgrade? Unlike Powr and Elfsight.

They are a charity and I am building it for free so just looking for a way around it.

Hello @Verity, this is a free embedable option How to Embed an Instagram Feed on Your Website (for Free!) | Social Media Success Stories - YouTube, I never used it myself, but a friend recommend it. Please let me know if it works for you.

this is another free option, but a bit more technical to implement, doesn’t seem too hard though How to Add Instagram Feed to Your Existing Website | Non-Coder | Ishi Themes - YouTube I hope it helps.

Thank you. Will give this a go and let you know if it works!

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Hi folks!

@Verity , thanks a lot for giving the Elfsight widget a try :slightly_smiling_face:

We’re happy to say that we do provide special terms for non-profit organizations, please feel free to contact our Support Team to find out more. They will be happy to study your use case, check the website link, and find the best option for you.

And yes, should any other questions regarding the widgets or the service come up, never hesitate to reach out to us, too :hugs:

Have a great and productive week!

Regards, Elfsight Team

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Hi, Thank you for responding to me. I will drop your support team a note in that case!

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