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Kerning words or space between letters

Hey crew.
i have been a designer for a long time.
coming to WebFlow because Adobe is bailing on Muse.
Not nice people! For the $$$ i have been giving them over many many years. [?!*!]

However — moving on…
I see I can adjust word spacing?
WF calls it letter spacing. but it’s not really.
It’s tracking not kerning.

Can i kern the individual space between letters,
that are badly set?

Or am i going to have to create the wordmark/logo/head
in illustrator and import as a picture each time?

thanks Hugo

This is CSS. So letter spacing is the css option available.

You can space words by using words in text blocks and changing the text block display property to inline. Then adjusting the margin-right as needed on that element.

Does this apply to individual letters. For example in the word Station the spacing between say S&T could be fine, but between the letters T&A you could run a truck through. Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 4.11.06 PM

Hi Hugo
Did you ever find out how to individually kern headlines. It’s driving me crazy.


Just create a text span for the letter you need and adjust it’s letter spacing.

Sorry for being stupid. I’m super new to Webflow. Whats a text span and where do I find it?

thanks for your help

You could use Webflow University to find any information you need.

The truck really would not fit. Look closely at the image below.

There is a CSS property for font-kerning which can be used to disable browser decisions. See ->

You can always create a PNG or convert to outlines and save as a SVG which would allow you to use negative values on specific letters.

Vertical line added as well as to spacing blocks for visual reference.