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Heading text overflowing instead of braking into new line

Hi there. I can’t figure out why my heading text is not breaking into new line? I have simple block H3 element, but text is overflowing instead of breaking into new line…

Here is the photo:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Welcome @Primoz_Rome!

I checked your read-only link, and it looks like you may have figured this out. Are the headings displaying as you’d like?

Hi @blakelam. I did not figure it out, what I used not is break line
to break the H1 text into new line…

Ah, that’s one way to do it if you want control over where the text breaks.

I looked at your page’s HTML, and there are non-breaking spaces in between the words in that heading. Non-breaking spaces prevent text from wrapping even if it will overflow the container.

In Webflow, if you hold down the shift key while typing space, you’ll create a non-breaking space. To get rid of those non-breaking spaces, you can delete the spaces between the words, and type a space without holding down shift.

Does that make sense?

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Thanks a lot, this solved the problem.

Very useful information with shift+space :call_me_hand:

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